TC203 Earthquake

Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems

At a regional level: Encourage the participation of TC203 members at regional workshops and conferences and organize specialized workshops (i.e. after large earthquakes, code initiatives etc). Participation of TC203 members in international survey committees or coordination of survey committees after large earthquake. At an international level: To investigate the most appropriate way to create (or/and upgrade) the web page of TC203 in the framework of the existing web page of ISSMGE and other related WebPages and portals To propose an award prize for an outstanding young researcher(s) after adequate and severe selection process. To actively support the Bulletin of Geotechnical Engineering and the Journal of Case Histories To encourage and support the production of high level monographs on specific subjects

To explore the possibilities to disseminate widely (through specialized portals) high quality experimental data, observations surveys, reconnaissance reports and design-construction reports on significant structures To define few topics for future TC203 generic activities like

(i) Performance Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, (ii) Liquefaction and associated phenomena,

(iii) Site characterization, Site Effects and Design ground motion for different typology of structures (i.e. ordinary modern buildings, monuments, lifelines, infrastructures etc.),

(iv) Large Scale Facilities in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering,

(v) Numerical and physical procedures, (vi) Seismic codes,

(vii) Soil Structure Interaction, etc. To create Working Groups on specific subjects. Establish permanent links with global activities (in particular with GEER and GEM) and between research-academia and profession.

To host and endorse international conferences, symposiums and other events. To continue the already established and very successful activities such as the International Conferences of Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, the Satellite Conferences in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering in World Conferences and the TC203 supported conferences like the Performance Based Design Conference

To improve the link and the participation in TC203 of the construction industry. Active support of the construction and consulting industry of the activities of TC203 has to be explored Use the website as a source of information that is available to all members. Endeavour to get all country representatives to recommend published papers and reports that they consider represent best current practice in their region or particular field of expertise. Encourage country representatives to submit case history data showing recent examples of good practice. To create Working Groups on specific subjects.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Ross Boulanger United States
2 Vice Chair Kyriazis Pitilakis Greece
3 Secretary Anastasios Anastasiadis Greece
4 Nominated by TC Chair Izzat Idriss United States
5 Nominated by TC Chair Takaji Kokusho Japan
6 Nominated by TC Chair George Gazetas Greece
7 Nominated Member Stavroula Kontoe United Kingdom
8 Nominated Member Ioannis Anastasopoulos United Kingdom
9 Corresponding Member Barnali Ghosh United Kingdom
10 Corresponding Member Jonathan Knappett United Kingdom
11 Corresponding Member Dong-Soo Kim South Korea
12 Nominated Member Jin Man Kim South Korea
13 Corresponding Member S.K. Prasad India
14 Corresponding Member A. Boominathan India
15 Nominated Member ARNALDO MARIO BARCHIESI Argentina
16 Nominated Member A. Murali Krishna India
17 Corresponding Member Mehmet Baris Can Ulker Turkey
18 Nominated Member Professor Michael Pender New Zealand
19 Nominated Member Dr Misko Cubrinovski New Zealand
20 Corresponding Member Ayfer Erken Turkey
21 Nominated Member George Athanasopoulos Greece
22 Corresponding Member Nikolaos Klimis Greece
23 Nominated Member George Bouckovalas Greece
24 Nominated Member Deepankar Choudhury India
25 Nominated Member Duhee Park South Korea
26 Nominated Member Francesco Silvestri Italy
27 Nominated Member Sebastiano Foti Italy
28 Corresponding Member Mehdi Bahrekazemi Sweden
29 Nominated Member Eleni Stathopoulou Netherlands
30 Nominated Member Diego Alberto Cordero Carballo Costa Rica
31 Nominated Member Juan Manuel Mayoral Villa Mexico
32 Corresponding Member Motoki Kazama Japan
33 Corresponding Member Susumu Iai Japan
34 Corresponding Member Katerina Ziotopoulou United States
35 Corresponding Member Ricardo Dobry United States
36 Corresponding Member Kenneth Stokoe United States
37 Corresponding Member Brady Cox United States
38 Corresponding Member Russell Green United States
39 Corresponding Member Steven Kramer United States
40 Corresponding Member Ahmed Elgamal United States
41 Nominated Member Ellen Rathje United States
42 Nominated Member Jonathan Bray United States
43 Nominated Member Nihal Vitharana Australia
44 Nominated Member Carolina Sigarán-Loría Netherlands
45 Nominated Member Ramón Verdugo Chile
46 Corresponding Member Deniz Ulgen Turkey
47 Nominated Member Jian-Min Zhang China
48 Nominated Member Cheng-Hsing Chen Chinese Taipei
49 Nominated Member Gang Wang Hong Kong
50 Nominated Member Jun Yang Hong Kong
51 Corresponding Member Fahd CUIRA France
52 Nominated Member Paulo Coelho Portugal
53 Corresponding Member Rui Carrilho Gomes Portugal
54 Nominated Member António Araújo Correia Portugal
55 Nominated Member Christos Vrettos Germany
56 Nominated Member Siau Chen Chian Singapore
57 Corresponding Member Takashi Kiyota Japan
58 Nominated Member Lanmin Wang China
59 Nominated Member Mitsu Okamura Japan
60 Nominated Member Ryosuke Uzuoka Japan
61 Corresponding Member Salah Sadek Lebanon
62 Corresponding Member Muhsin Rahhal Lebanon
63 Corresponding Member Susumu Yasuda Japan
64 Corresponding Member Ikuo Towhata Japan
65 Corresponding Member Kenji Ishihara Japan
66 Nominated Member José Luis de Justo Spain
67 Nominated Member Zbigniew Bednarczyk Poland
68 Nominated Member Waldemar Świdziński Poland
69 Nominated Member Valérie Whenham Belgium
70 Nominated Member Finn Liam Canada
71 Nominated Member Dharma Wijewickreme Canada
72 Nominated Member Atilla Ansal Turkey
73 Nominated Member Kemal Onder Cetin Turkey
74 Nominated Member Jean-François SEMBLAT France
75 Nominated Member Masyhur Irsyam Indonesia
76 Corresponding Member Murat Monkul Turkey
77 Nominated Member Nicolas Lambert Belgium
78 Nominated Member Seyed Mohsen Haeri Iran
79 Nominated Member Jorgen Johansson Norway
80 Nominated Member Amir Kaynia Norway
81 Nominated Member Farzin Shahrokhi Norway
82 Nominated Member A.M. UZDIN A.M. Russia
83 Corresponding Member Stephane BRULE France
84 Nominated Member Alain PECKER France
85 Nominated Member Carl Wesäll Sweden
86 Nominated Member Jan Laue Sweden
87 Corresponding Member Pelin Ozener Turkey

PBD-III Vancouver 2017

The 3rd International Conference on Performance-based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (PBD-III) will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from July 16-19, 2017. Details of the technical and social programs are available at:  E

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Host Member Society: USA

Short name: Earthquake (TC203)

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