Corporate Associates Presidential Group

Corporate Associates Presidential Group

In 2011 the President of the ISSMGE, Jean-Louis Briaud, created the Corporate Associates (CA) Presidential Group or CAPG. The main purpose of the creation of the CAPG is to assist the ISSMGE in developing actions and activities that will enhance the commercial sector of the Geotechnical Profession.
Roger Frank, present ISSMGE's president, is directly involved in CAPG's works.

Since its creation, and more recently under the direction of its current Chairman Sukumar Pathmanandavel, CAPG has been busy working towards finding ways to bridge the gap between the state of the art (SOA) with the state of practice (SOP) in Geotechnical Engineering. To this end, CAPG jointly with the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), recently conducted a brief survey in order to understand the SOA and the SOP current status and needs within each Technical Committee (TC). The survey was a resounding success: more than 70 % of TCs responded to our questionnaire!

The following Corporate Associates (CAs) form the core team of the CAPG:
• Sukumar Pathmanandavel, Chair
• Valérie Bernhardt, Terrasol (Setec group)
• Chaido Doulala-Rigby (Yuli), Tensar
• Kim Chan, GHD
• Karel Allaert, Jan de Nul
• Gabriele Zapf, Siemens

And ISSMGE's president, Roger Frank, also attends CAPG meetings.

Representatives from the other Board Level Committees (BLCs) are:
• Young Members Presidential Group - Julian McGreevy
• Professional Image Committee - Valérie Bernhardt
• Technical Oversight Committee - Pierre Delage
• Innovation and Development Committee - Vasiliki Dimitriadi

The CAPG plan for period 2013-2017 is available here.